Hi There !

Hi! I’m Devika, and I’m here to help you demystify all things makeup, skincare, products and make them easy to understand.

I started my career as a writer on fashion and lifestyle, moved on to advertising and finally came back to what I loved most – Makeup and Skincare. And when I say ‘love the most’, believe me for I received my first makeup palette by Lancôme as a gift from my father when I was about six or seven years old and fell in love immediately!

For the last four years, working as a makeup artist, I understood the importance of skin care and the the selection process of makeup products for different skin types. And I know there are many like me who love makeup but are at a loss when it come to application of the selection process of products and ingredients for their skin and hair.

Beauties! I have your back!
I can help you understand the latest, the classic and up your makeup skills for the real world.