To Falsies or Not

Eyelashes have long undergone a PR change. From Huda Beauty to the Kardashians, it seems everyone now wants lashes as big as fans! Sure they dramatically change the look.

You could have a plain pink eyeshadow but a glamorous, full volume lash can take your eye makeup to the next level.

While luxurious mink and real hair lashes were all over the beauty news until about last year, eyelash extensions gained a lot more popularity towards the end of 2019.

Now unless you got extensions done from someone with a solid reputation, chances are you were left with falling lashes and almost a bald lash line!

While I too love a full volume lash, but the thought of getting lash extensions scare me. The tedious upkeep and the falling of lashes in two weeks does not seem worth it to me.

How to get full lashes at home?

First apply a mascara primer. A lot of beauty brands have a primer specifically for lashes that come is a mascara bottle and is usually white in colour. Coat your lashes with this first and then apply two coats of your favourite mascara. A primer will give you that added volume and fullness that you desire.

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