Revamp Your C T M in 30's

Skin Care

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Once you hit your 30’s, it is essential to use the best skin care. During your 30s, hormone levels start to decrease and the production of collagen and elastin lowers. If due diligence is not paid to your skin at the beginning, angering and skin damage can take place at a much higher level..

But don’t be too scared! A few simple tweaks in your daily skin care routine and an addition of some specialized products can keep you looking youthful and prevent those pesky issues of fine lines, dullness and pigmentation. So what are the skincare must-haves for 30+ skin? Keep reading to find out.


A gentle foaming cleanser is the best when you just want to take the day off.

This ensures that any dirt and oil that may have accumulated is broken down and cleaned up.


Clarifying toner or water based toners have to be an added steps. It was easy to omit this step in our twenties, but now on make sure not to skip.

Think of toner as a ‘prep’ for your skin so that serums and oils can work better. Toners help to maintain the PH
level of your skin.


Think of serums like an added boost of potent and active ingredients that go deep in your dermal layers. There are several ingredients from VIT C to anti aging ingredients that deliver what they promise.

Here’s a quick guide to some popular ones:

      1. Vitamin C: helps brightens skin, prevents fine lines and neutralises free radical damage.

      2. Retinol (vitamin A): this is anti ageing, takes care of enlarged pores and pigmentation.

      3. AHA/ BHA/ PHA: these are exfoliating acids that work at skin texture.

      4. Salicylic Acid: Takes care of bacteria and prevents spots from forming.


Next step is a good moisturiser according to skin type. Use a cream based one for dry and a water/gel based one for normal and oily skin types.


Weekly it is important to exfoliate properly. Dead skin can make the face appear dull and patchy. Use scrubs that will be gentle on the skin and not too abrasive. You may also use AHA (alpha hydroxy acids) based products for an effective exfoliation.